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    Part 2 of the double-header!

    My hubby Bryce’s birthday was on Tuesday so his brother took us out tonight at Longfellow Grill, on West River Road and Lake in Minneapolis.  This was a big fave of ours pre-GF days so I was nervous they might not have anything much for me.  All was well!  Lots of choices.

    Patio + good food + excellent company = SUPER FUN.  🙂

    Longfellow Grill's GF menu

    Here is Longfellow’s GF menu. I found this moderately helpful – still had to ask about things like the dressing that came with the (AWESOME) appetizer, and I didn’t get the meatloaf because I didn’t even want to bother asking if it had GF ingredients. The waitress was super nice about asking about the app sauce, but I felt like a bother to ask about a ton of things – in this sense a more detailed GF menu would be nice.


    Longfellow's Gorgonzola Chips

    The incredible app – Gorgonzola Chips: homemade fries with melted gorgonzola and blue cheese dressing. AMAZING.

    Longfellow Bacon Cheeseburger

    Delicious bacon cheeseburger on sliced GF bread with sweet potato fries. As I hemmed and hawed over getting fries, the waitress kindly informed me that the sweet potato fries (which were the ones I wanted!) were indeed GF. Yippee! If I would have a do-over, I’d skip the bread (which was an extra buck) – it just sponged up the sweet, sweet burger grease. Next time I’ll get just the patty. But flavor! O flavor!


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