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    After two people recommended it in the last week, I picked up a GF cupcake from Groundswell Coffee on Hamline and Thomas in St. Paul’s Midway area tonight.  Swanky!  An industrial feel, this place looks like it serves great coffee.  I have sadly sworn off coffee, as it has decided it is my new belly enemy . . . well, sometimes I can get away with a cheat, but not very often!  Back to the review!  For your non-GF friends and family, it looks like they also have craft beers (or are trying to be able to serve them).  They also have a bakery case full of delights, but this was the only GF option among them.

    I don’t even know what flavor this beauty was.  The “frosting” was light and creamy – I liked it very much as a buttercream typically overwhelms me after the first bite or two.  The cake itself was dense, but moist, and no trace of graininess.  And it had a lovely creamy filling!  This cupcake was sweet without leaving a super sticky sweet aftertaste (which turns me into a sugar monster).  I was satisfied when I was done, but I was done.

    Note for my own cupcake baking experiments (ha! like those ever happen!) – the fruit syrup drizzled on the frosting was wonderful.

    Gluten free cupcake from Groundswell Coffee at Hamline and Thomas, St. Paul.  Light and delicious.


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    1. kestra
      July 27, 2013 at 8:07 pm

      Okay, I’m leaving for the Twin Cities right now. Must. Have. This.

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