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    Jersey Mike's "sub in a tub."  Almost all their sandwich combos are GF and they make them into this delicious salad.  Twin Cities locations as of July 2013: Blaine, Woodbury, St. Anthony Village, Coon Rapids and coming soon to St. Louis Park.  Also located in Mankato.

    Mmmm, sub in a tub . . . no, really. That’s truly the name of it. And it is amazing.

    A relative newcomer to the Twin Cities scene, it looks like Jersey Mike’s has been around for quite a while in other locales.  We tried the new Blaine location, and as of this post, there are also locations in Woodbury, St. Anthony Village, and Coon Rapids and down in Mankato.  St. Louis Park is opening soon.  I don’t mark chain locations on the “maps” page so you’ll have to use the location finder on their website.

    I’m always surprised that sandwich shops are fairly easy for GF dining, and this is no exception.  Just eliminate that pesky bread and order a “sub in a tub,” which is essentially a salad of any sub’s fillings (except two – check the menu).  This name strikes me as terrible, but the actual dish was delicious.  You can get it “Mike’s Way” with olive oil, red wine vinegar, an Italian spice mix, lettuce, tomato, onion.  I had The Original Italian with provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni.  It was so much food and delicious!  I loved it and Bryce enjoyed his sub as well.

    Lesson learned:  this likely would have been enough to share if we’d added some chips.  I ate most of mine at lunch, but couldn’t finish it and had the rest later in the afternoon.

    Tip:  Do not eat Jersey Mike’s in the car if you’ve ordered it “Mike’s Way.”  Messy city.  Eat it at a table, especially anyone in your party who has ordered a sub.  Gussy our shih tzu sat patiently on Bryce’s lap during the meal and ended up with oil all over him including on his adorable little head.  😉

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