• Midwest Destinations: Black Hills, South Dakota

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    The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Click to read about several gluten free dining options if you are taking this jaunt from the Twin Cities.

    The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

    Recently my hubby and I took a little getaway to the Black Hills in the southwest corner of South Dakota.  This is a pretty common trip for Twin Citians to take so I thought I’d share where we ate on the way and also in the region.  I hope to add more midwest destination posts in the future.  They won’t likely be full reviews, but they’ll give you some ideas.

    First of all, Gluten Free Registry was indispensable for our trip.  We did not get the app, but that was only because I ran into crappy service when I tried to download it.  We used the full site on our phones and it was really helpful.

    Secondly, we were lucky enough to have a fridge in our hotel, though we had made plans to do this with our cooler – it was just easier with the fridge.  I bought some yogurt and fruit in Rapid City and had brought Kind granola along to eat in the mornings.  So I went to the gluten-fest of a breakfast with Bryce and just used their disposable bowls and silverware to eat my stuff.  I also had their tea, juice, and hardboiled eggs.  They had fruit as well, though I didn’t partake.  It worked out well – a little advance planning and we saved time and money there.

    Sioux Falls (en route)

    Original Pancake HouseThis location does offer a GF menu including omelettes and GF pancakes and crepes.

    Ruby Tuesday:  Lots of GF choices.  I can’t believe we haven’t gone to a RT since I went off gluten.  The salad bar offered the most choices.  I accompanied it with a loaded baked potato.

    Rapid City (homebase/hotel location)

    Applebee’s:  We’ve eaten there many times and are familiar with their GF menu.  There are a decent amount of choices.  I usually get Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp.  While I’m a huge fan of independent restaurants, when traveling, it was nice to be familiar with some of the chains, particularly because their corporate offices usually produce the GF menus and it takes it off of the servers or kitchen to have any expertise about it.

    Tally’s Silver Spoon:  Fancy dancy dinner!  They have rice pasta to sub for any of their pasta dishes.  We ate at a sidewalk table. Lovely!

    BeauJos:  We took carryout GF pizza to the hotel.  Yum!  Crust was pretty good, and the toppings were incredible.  Note that they moved very recently (summer 2013) and so the correct address is 830 Main St.  Google Maps will give you a former location if you are reading this shortly after the move.  GF choices are noted right on the regular menu.


    Sage Creek Grille:  OMG.  Ah-maz-ing.  I had the field greens salad with goat cheese and grilled chicken and poppyseed dressing.  It was incredible.  I can only think of one other salad in my life that was more delicious than this one.  Highly recommend.  Strangely, they don’t appear to have their own website so that I can link to the menu, but it was soooooooo good.

    Hot Springs

    Buen Dia Mexican Restaurant:  In researching for this post, I see that we went there only three days after reopening under new management.  This might explain the less-than-stellar service.  However, it wasn’t the worst experience I’ve ever had, so I still wanted to include this option anyway because Gluten Free Registry had no listings for Hot Springs and we really saw nothing else that we thought would be too easy to deal with.  At least because so much Mexican food is naturally GF, I knew there would be some options, and I was correct in that.  My fajitas were yummy and I had enough left over for breakfast the next morning.  Hang in there, Buen Dia . . . keep getting better . . .

    Hill City

    Alpine Inn:  Go early to get your name on the list!  We went for dinner, and it was easy to choose our food because they only offer two options:  steak dinner with potato, bread and lettuce wedge, or a vegetarian option (I think it was pasta).  On the recommendation of a friend, we waited the long wait and were not disappointed.  The waitress was very confident in which elements of the meal were GF and that evening everything was except the Texas toast.  Best of all, they have a huge selection of desserts and two of the choices were GF.  I had a wonderful creme brulee.  Everything was very reasonably priced!  Note: only cash or check are accepted.


    Bay Leaf Café:  I had a nice salad and a we shared a GF chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.  Spearfish is a lovely little town, not so touristy as some of the others in the area.

    Badlands National Park

    Cedar Pass Lodge:  We were pretty stuck for lunch options on the way home and decided we had better give this one a try, and we weren’t disappointed.  I had a burger with portobello mushrooms for the “bun” – messy, but yummy.  Menu labels GF entrees, but not sides.  I had cottage cheese.

    The field green salad with goat cheese is incredible at Sage Creek Grille in Custer, SD.  Follow the link for a list of several gluten free dining options in the Black Hills area.

    My incredible salad at Sage Creek Grille in Custer.


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      I love reading about you going to some of the same places I just did. I will definitely check out your list again, the next time we head towards that area. Especially the Sioux Falls Pancake House. I miss pancakes.

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      Love it, thank you for your reviews I’ve considering making this trip and wondered what GF options one had.

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        So glad it’s useful for you!

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