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    St. Paul Farmers' Market - Review on Twin Cities Gluten Free

    The bustling St. Paul Farmers’ Market in Lowertown St. Paul. Photo courtesy kichigai on Flickr.

    The St. Paul Farmers’ Market is a gluten free heaven of fruits, veggies, and meats.  Throw in treats like flowers, sweets, honey, soaps, breads (A Toast to Bread was advertising GF products) and beverages and you have yourself one mighty fine outing.

    On this quintessential Minnesota fall day we ventured to downtown St. Paul, and the place was teeming with produce and people.  We picked up some lettuce and admired all the squashes, apples, peppers and tomatoes, carrots and parsnips, beautiful potatoes, amazing bouquets, delicious free range meats (one stall – dang, I should have noted which, had “gluten free”stickers on questionable items on their price list, bless them – no one would have to trouble anyone to ask about the jerky or the snack sticks or their brats), and so much more.

    We ate at the awesome Golden’s Deli across the street after visiting the market.  Look for a full review in future posts!

    It’s October now, but if you are reading this post at some other time of year, here’s a helpful page that will show you what to expect to find in season if you venture down to the Farmers’ Market.

    Oh, one bummer is that downtown St. Paul is all torn up right now (October 2013).  Our friends knew to park in a lot about a block east of Black Dog on the southeast corner of the market area.  We didn’t, and parked several blocks away on the street.  I do expect parking to become more scarce or to see the emergence of more pay lots with the Lowertown Ballpark going up in the coming months.  We’ll have to see how this prediction plays out!

    Last note!  St. Paul Farmers’ Market as an organization runs many, many farmers’ markets in the metro area.  Check out their website to find one near you!


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