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    Golden's Deli Review on Twin Cities Gluten Free

    After our glorious morning at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market, we were pretty hungry, and my friend Adam recommended we hit Golden’s Deli, right across the street.  What a wonderful Bohemian treat of a place!  The hodgepodge of tables and chairs, the funky variety of art, the variety of loose leaf teas, high industrial ceilings, and well worn wood floors helped me feel right at home.  Family friendly, too . . . lots of kids around.

    Golden's Deli Review on Twin Cities Gluten Free


    The biggest highlight of my meal at Golden’s?  The gluten free bagel.  I hadn’t had a bagel in nearly two years, and it was good.  I should have asked where they got their bagels – I might just have to call them up.  Hey!  I just did!  Turns out they are Udi’s!  Wow, I really enjoyed that bagel.  I also got some fried eggs and hashbrowns.  Deliciousness all around, just a tiny touch on the greasy side, but very tasty.

    Golden's Deli Review on Twin Cities Gluten Free

    Mmmm, my first bagel in a looooong time.

    Lots of selection on the menu – lots of sandwiches (they also have GF bread to sub for the sandwiches).

    One recommendation I’d make for this restaurant is to better advertise their GF choices.  The website doesn’t have a GF section, and there is nothing on their beautiful handpainted menu to note about the bread substitutions.  The counter worker was very knowledgeable, but I’m a big fan of making things plain to people.  🙂

    I’ll be back to Golden’s!

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