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    Creole/Caribbean/Central American fusion from delicious, whole ingredients, Brasa’s menu has only two menu items that are NOT gluten free.  Everything except TWO ITEMS is glorious, delicious food that I can indulge in and not have to worry, pick, feel deprived, or provoke my table mates to apologize to me (bah!  I have been apologized to death this week over my food needs!).  If you also like beer, they have a gluten free one (I suppose I should know the name, but I don’t like beer, so never pay much attention.  🙂  )

    I can’t believe this is my first post about Brasa.  I hope it’s not the last!

    We went for my bday yesterday.  Bryce and I split rotisserie chicken (their famous dish), slow roasted pulled pork, yucca fries and sweet plantains.  My sister and her hubby had pork, mac ‘n’ cheese (one of the two items that has gluten), and yellow rice and beans.  I had the pineapple ginger ale, made in house.  Mmmmmmm!

    Brasa will serve food family style or each person can order their own combination.  The servers are quite excellent at approximating appropriate serving sizes, so feel free to ask if you are not sure.

    Brasa has two locations – Northeast Minneapolis and Grand Ave. in St. Paul.

    Highly recommend!

    Sorry not more pics, I was too busy stuffing my face with my FAVORITE FOOD IN THE TWIN CITIES!  🙂  🙂  🙂

    Sweet Plantains

    Delicious sweet plantains.

    Yucca fries

    Yucca is a root vegetable like potato. These are my all-time fave at Brasa.

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