• Fast Food!

    There might not be zillions of fast food choices for those of us who eat gluten free, but there are enough to get the job done! Try these in a pinch.


    My fave, because there is only one thing to avoid!

    Get a burrito bowl, any meat, any veggies – well, anything except the flour tortillas!

    Chips & guac!


    Jimmy John’s

    Lettuce wrap (“Unwich”) with most fillings.  Watch out for the dressings

    Plain Jimmy’s Chips (watch out for the other chips!)


    Dino’s Gyros

    Greek salad, hold the pita and hold the croutons



    They have a number of salads and have an allergen grid available in the store and linked above.

    Vanilla custard is safe, and so is chocolate.  Watch out for any other flavors, according to their allergy grid.


    Share your recommendations in the comments!

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