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    Hi!  I am still relatively new to the GF diet.  The last gluten I (purposefully) ate was January 5, 2012.  In December my doc told me it would really help my tummy and my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, so here I am.  And she was right.  It took me about six weeks of getting around to doing it (and a LOT of cookies later – I do not recommend this approach) but I have done it now since January 6.  My belly pain and bloating are gone, the perpetual gas, and having to avoid almost all veggies because I couldn’t digest them.  Now I can eat all of that and have much more energy and a more hopeful health outlook.

    I know myself, and I know that if I don’t do something 100%, I don’t do it at all.  One cheat would become daily cheating, and then I’d no longer be GF.  So while I’m not celiac, I take my GF diet very seriously.  When I’ve been “glutenized,” say by fries that share fryer oil or a processed food I didn’t check closely enough for hidden gluten, I notice.

    The beginning was the most scary, because I didn’t know where I could go if I forgot my lunch at work, or if I was out with friends or family – what options would I have?  But in a short amount of time I’ve learned a lot and hope to share.

    In the non-food side of my life, I enjoy my hubby, my two doggies, and being outdoors.

    About the Blog

    I want this to be a positive place, and as such, I have decided I am not going to review restaurants that give crappy service or have no GF options to speak of.  No doubt we have all been to these places, but let’s shine a light on the places we CAN access and have a good meal!  As silly as this sounds, I have to declare this to you, dear readers!

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